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crafting for the cannabis industry

a new Agency
For a budding industry

Our goal is to help the emerging cannabis industry engage with their customers. Helping our clients reach new heights.

What we do

We deliver great looking websites that are easy to manage and deliver fast results


Specializing in E-commerce, we help companies to sell to their customers all over the world or limited to Canada.


With the wide range of connected devices growing everyday, we create thoughtful, simple, and effective experiences for your customers. Whatever their device.

Web Design

For most organizations, their website is their most valuable marketing tool. This is why we approach websites from a design and a business perspective.


Enjoy the power and flexibility of being able to update your website through a content management system


Improve the effectiveness and penetration of your brand online. Utilize our years of industry knowledge, to develop a strategic long-term digital plan for your business.


We will work with your team to produce results that make a difference to your business and ultimately your customers

We’re a strong and dedicated team who loves to work with people who are as passionate about their craft, as we are about ours. 

Delivering value

We collaborate with you to learn your specific needs and deliver the best solution.

Live Stock Tracking

We leverage GetGreenline's pioneering WooCommerce integration to synchronize the stock, and populate the entire product catalog

Tight Deadlines

We can work within tight deadlines to implement your new online look that will wow your customers

Age Gate

Dispensaries often have some custom requirements, like implementing an age gate for the users to confirm their age before entering. We've been there and done that.

Custom User Registration

Collaborating with our clients, we can discuss your company's specific needs for user registration.

Optimized for SEO

Help your business grow organically with the use of industry standard tools for Search Engine Optimisation 


We handle as much of your technical needs as possible to make the process smooth and seamless

Collaborating with the awesome people to solve their digital needs is just what we love doing.

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